Aurore TV Presents...

Series | Thriller/Drama | 2018

Six estranged friends come together in memorial of a mutual friend whose death has raised suspicion. Tensions are high when they are forced to face the conflicts that tore them apart. After years of separation, old wounds are still unhealed as they try to celebrate the life of their noble friend, who once was the glue that kept them all together. As they hash out their differences they are left with one unresolved matter, what happened to Jonathan? In the end, they find out that someone within this friendship circle isn't a friend at all.



Garrick Wade and Justin D. Jenkins are the creative minds behind Remembering Wednesday and the founders of Cre8tiveTribe Media. A chance connection through Instagram over 5 years ago has created this, a new media platform led by this duo, that sets out to continue the conversation of inclusion in film and media. Both Wade and Jenkins established themselves as writers prior to their joint venture. Garrick, a published author, screenwriter, and producer- Justin a senior writer and editor for A.R.T.S.Y Magazine. Most recently these two won the grand prize for the Create-A-Thon SHAPE with AT&T with their short film GHOSTED. You can also expect to see new work from these two in the new future upon the release of their next project The Reading, a supernatural short film. 

"Remembering Wednesday" is the first project from Cre8tive Tribe Media, which combines the talent of Writer/ Producer Garrick Wade, (Dying For Success, Last Love Lost) and Writer for A.R.T.S.Y magazine, Justin D. Jenkins.

Cre8tiveTribe Media, has set out to continue to create content that puts marginalized groups in the center of stories we deserve to tell. This is the beginning of a cultural shift in entertainment. Thank you for coming along on this journey with us.