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Series | Thriller/Drama | 2015

Clyde Harris is a framed San Quentin prison inmate forced to participate in a U.S. military experimental drug program in exchange for his freedom. After escaping from the program and relocating to Los Angeles under a new identity, the U.S. military and the side effects of the drug begin to catch up with him. 


RED SLEEP is an 8 episode neo-noir web series written and directed by Andre Welsh. Co-Created by Lead Actor Chioke Jelani Clanton.



Chioke Jelani Clanton is an Award winning actor and producer with over 15 years of experience working professionally in the entertainment industry. Chioke Jelani is involved in all areas of long-term business development, and strategy with the responsibility to ensure excellence in television and film production as well as growth in profitability. Productions have ranged from large scale live events, multi-episodic dramas, breaking news specials, long/short form documentaries, animation, and live action studio based entertainment.

Chioke Jelani is currently enjoying his role as “Jay” in the upcoming feature length theatrical film DISRUPTED, as well as his role as “Clyde Harris” in the critically acclaimed web series RED SLEEP. The on-screen performance in RED SLEEP earned Chioke Jelani several awards, including a nomination for Best Actor at the Miami Web Fest.