Aurore TV Presents...

Short | 2018

A sister tribe with supernatural abilities takes in a new member.

Created by Jacarrea Garraway



A native of Boston, Massachusetts, Jacarrea Garraway is a filmmaker, poet and producer who currently attend's New York University's Undergraduate film program. She is deeply passionate using art as a social justice platform and creating work which shows a wide array of representation of various types of worlds that are often underrepresented by mainstream cinema and media. Her topics of interest to explore include intimacy, movement, blackness and social consciousness.

Her most recent film, MOTHERS ARE LIKE MIRRORS (2019), is an auto fiction narrative about a woman reflecting on the relationship with her mother. Her previous notable films include RELEASE (2018) and BLACK AMERICA (2017) which have been selected in numerous festivals both nationally and internationally.


She is also a playwright and is working on developing her production company Garraway Studios which she hopes to be a hybrid of a production house and a film school.