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Who's In The Writer's Room?

Amanda Idoko, the screenwriter responsible for last years movement #ShowUsYourRoom (the initiative which encouraged showrunners and writers to post photos of their rooms on social, to show who is actually walking the walk when it comes to inclusive hiring), is possibly working with Warner Bros. They have tapped Amanda to give some life to the DC character Plastic Man. According to she is writing the script for the planned comedic action-adventure flick that will be executive produced by WB’s Bob Shaye, with DC’s Walter Hamada and Chantal Nong overseeing.

The project hasn't been reported to be in production yet but the fact that a black woman will have the writing credit for a super hero show where the character is a white male, is another door that may be kicked down in the fight for opportunity.

Plastic Man was created by Jack Cole a writer/artist. The character was first published by Quality Comics. DC acquired Quality Comics later. Plastic Man is some what like Mr. Fantastic, of the Fantastic Four. He can stretch his body and form it into almost any shape at will. He is also, incredibly resilient, immortal, posses superhuman strength, and an immunity to telepathy. To this day Plastic Man has his fans heart because of his quirky humor and wild adventures.

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