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Wanna Be Famous? A Guide to Getting On with Intention using Gifs of Issa Rae

As borrowed from the Puerto Rican princess herself, miss Joseline Hernandez.... Creative, why is you here?

When I think about the people I see in the creative / entertainment industry, I wonder if we're all chasing the same goal, and if that goal is to simply "get on". Likes look cool. Views look cool. Getting into exclusive places next to exclusive people seems really cool. And, I'm all for the positive, so let's say it works! But.... then what? What does any of our work mean? Why are we doing what we do?

This brings me to intention. I think the undercurrent of why many of us want to "get on" is for self validation. And when we look to areas outside of ourselves to inform us of who we are, we are a lost, fumbling mess at the mercy of people using our lives for entertainment.

Hi.... you still here? Cool.

We have created a dream state in our mind that we chase because the present reality doesn't feel like the idea of the place we *think we want to go; our present circumstances disappoint us, and we want more.

Here's where so many things can go wrong at this crossroad.

What's the definition of "more"? Do we think of money? Fame? Opportunities? Do we imagine those things to bring love, security, self esteem...?

"I will feel like _____ when I have _____."

Woah, 'dere. This is so dangerous because it leaves the entire crux of our self worth in a place that can so easily change. Also, these definitions of "more" can never quite be fulfilled: how much money? How famous? How secure? What's "love"? And who would you be if that all fell away?

There is no destination. How you feel about yourself now is how you'll feel about yourself "there".

If you don't feel like you're that bitch right now, then you won't feel like that bitch when you're rich and famous.

Imposter syndrome: the impending feeling that you don't deserve what you have, and you can't keep it.

If you can answer these two questions, you may be well on your way.

"Who are you now?" & "Why are you doing your art?"

These will guide you to put yourself totally into your personal value, and give longevity and depth to what your create, because it will resonate with people. It also brings present focus into enjoying the journey of your work, rather than focusing on fickle goal points that are an imaginative idea.

It's not a lie: you are a vibe. Vibes are what people feel and bank on.

Creating art based on selfish "give me" values is vapid and fleeting. Creating art based on affect?

Now we're talking.

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