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Viola Davis Shares Thoughts on New Movie 'Widow' & Life Lessons on GMA

"The heist is just a metaphor for women saying, you know what? My life isn't working for me. I got to pay my bills, so I'm going to make it work. I'm going to take control."

Viola Davis stars in a new movie Widows, directed by Steve McQueen, due this Friday, November 16th. Davis took a minute to talk on Good Morning America about the film.

She plays a widow that loses her husband and his guys after they are killed during an attempted robbery. In the film, Davis is not acting as the cliched widow: instead of being frozen with grief, she joins up with other widows to pull off the heist that her husband planned.

During her interview, Viola Davis says the movie is "For the girls!"

Her band of widows includes Michelle Rodriguez (Furious 6), Elizabeth Debicki (The Great Gatsby), Cynthia Ervio (Step). Viola Davis talks about the genuine connection between her and her castmates behind the scenes. She says that they gave each other permission to be who they are.

The highlight of the Good Morning America interview is when Davis tells a story about her 8 year old daughter Genesis giving her advice on life. Her little girl once told Viola, while she was on the phone with her manager: "'Mommy, put the phone down. I got to tell you, don't let anybody put their life into your life. If they put their life into your life, you have to tell them to get out because they don't have the pass-code."

A lot of us can use her daughters wise words. Watch the trailer below:

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