Tika Stumper To Produce And Star In A Show On HBO!

Tika Sumpter, has had a nice end to her 2018. Staring in two movies -- one by Robert Redford, the other by Tyler Perry, now has a brand new project to add to her exciting list. Tika will be staring and producing in the reimagining of the Robin Hood Saga called Traders. Now what makes this project different than past Robin Hood tale's is that this one will be told through the perspective of a Half-Nigerian and Half-Black woman!

(via Deadline):

"Trader is a contemporary re-imagining of the Robin Hood saga told through the perspective of a half-Nigerian and half-Black American female, Adefolke Girabaldi (a role earmarked for Sumpter), an investing wunderkind and trading forecast prodigy on Wall Street. As an activist short seller, Adefolke will wield her billion-dollar hedge fund as a sword to eviscerate predatory corporations that exploit the poor, all while navigating the unscrupulous world of the Girabaldi family who are the center of New York City’s black aristocracy where money, privilege, and racism intersect in sometimes insidious ways."

Production is due to begin next year, as a 2020 debut is expected.