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The Debbie Allen and Phylicia Rashad Biopic

Living. Black. History.

Ms. Phylicia Rashad and Ms. Debbie Allen are talented, timeless women that have become a part of the spectrum of Black Excellence and Black "Queenliness". Both women have careers in tv and film that has defied every stereotype, expectation and "glass ceiling" for a Black woman working in a very yt male dominated field. They made being a Black Woman seem like a super power.

Ms. Phylicia Rashad is a Tony award winner, 3 times Emmy nominated actress, director and singer. Ms. Debbie Allen is a Golden Globe winning actress, choreographer, director, and producer whose credits include Grey’s Anatomy and Fame.

The theatrical sisters have had such a pronounced impression on Black American culture and "American" culture on and off tv and film I think it's time for a biopic. There hasn't been any word on if anything is actually in the works but I think if anyone puts their hands on writing the script Mara Brock Akil and Shonda Rhimes should collab, Ava Duvernay should direct and Cybel Martin should be the cinematographer.

I think Sanna Lathan could play a 30 something year old Phylicia and Vivan Nixon, Debbie Allen's daughter could play Allen in her late 20's.


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