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The Black Lead

There are new movies with more Black leads coming out in the new year! Before we step into 2019 we’re ending the year off strong with an ode to the resilience of Black love in If Beale Street Could Talk. More black narratives are being consumed by the masses and showing the rest of the world what we have already known for so long, Black Is Beautiful. Black art is beautiful. Black hair, skin and bodies are beautiful. Black stories are beautiful. Most importantly the legacy of Black people creating a lane in industries that try to leave us out is beautiful as fuck because we certainly started at the bottom now WE HERE!

In 2019, Eddie Murphy will be starring in a new Netflix biopic about Rudy Ray Moore, one of the pioneer comedians in the blaxploitation genre and a huge inspiration to your favorite 90’s rapper. Blaxploitation is a genre of film that produced Black action movies targeted to the Black community. The genre made many leading roles for Black people in the early 1970’s.

Rudy Ray Moore was a comedian and producer that starred in the film Dolemite, featuring a pimp with a harem of kung fu-fighting prostitutes. The film was huge in the black community and later it crossed racial boundaries and became wildly popular to white audiences. Murphy will be joined by Keegan-Michael Key, Wesley Snipes, Mike Epps, T.I. and much more talent. Filming has already begun in LA.

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