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The Black House Foundation

Last year Brickson Diamond and Carol Anne Shine, founders of The Blackhouse Foundation, speak into a microphone while being interviewed by World Wide Nate. Carol Anne Shine says, "The thing was, just walking around with the filmmakers, I realized there were no Black people."

"The thing is there were no opportunities."

In 2007 Brickson Diamond and Carol Anne Shine created an opportunity for Black filmmakers.

Diamond says that "the first Blackhouse was really pretty incredible, it was a bit more of a party than the educational fountain of knowledge it is today. " His excitement becomes charged up when he speaks about Blackhouse's roots. The organization's goals are grounded in continually changing the way audiences think about Black movies and television. They work toward keeping the conversation about Black storytelling going on-screen and off for years to come.

Blackhouse has been the gatekeeper of community and education for Black people busting their asses to get into the film world. The organization provides accessibility and visibility for us, so we can win!

Here is a short humble list of what the Blackhouse has contributed to the culture:

  • The Blackhouse hosts more than 3,000 visitors daily at many film festivals throughout the year.

  • The Blackhouse has created more than 15,000 relationships for Black filmmakers and producers since inception.

  • The Blackhouse has created a landmark fellows program for young, aspiring Black filmmakers and film producers.

  • The Blackhouse hosts more than seven (7) events annually, which foster relationships and capacity building.

  • The Blackhouse was has been on the ground in Park City for the Sundance Film Festival every year since 2010; presenting an array of panels and community gathering events.

In this month of celebration and acknowledgment of Black accomplishment, let's remember to honor the organizations that help propel us forward.

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