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That Jada & Will Love

Updated: Oct 30, 2018

On Monday, Red Table Talk freed up a seat at the table to talk about the juiciest topic in life, Will & Jada’s relationship!

Since the show‘s first premiere on on May 7th, through Facebook Watch, the guest of Red Table Talk have been unexpected, unfiltered and undeniably interesting. The topics have also followed suit, touching on drug addiction, sex, Jada and Gabrielle Union’s unspoken beef and many other diverse topics. However no one could’ve expected such a raw and open discussion of Will and Jada’s iconic relationship.

The couple sat seated around the table with Adrienne Banfield—Jones, Jada’s mother who’s affectionately called Gam and Willow Smith. Both women are regulars on the show with Jada.

Without a hint of uncomfort Will jumps right into how how he wanted to shoot his shot at Jada but ended up meeting his first wife instead. Jada speaks on her unhappiness the day the couple got married and how her unhappiness persisted throughout their marriage. They both bounce off one another when they banter about their style of communication, family and the way they learned to love.

The episode is broken up into two parts. The second part will premiere on Monday on Facebook Watch. The conversation flows towards Will & Jada breaking up and how that impacted the couple.