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Spike Lee to Direct "Frederick Douglas Now" Biopic

Variety reports that Spike Lee's got his hands on his third movie adaptation from one-man-shows originated by Roger Guenveur Smith. His first two circled the legends Huey P. Newton and Rodney King, and he now tackles the story of Frederick Douglas for Frederick Douglas Now. Lee and Smith's relationship go back many years, as Smith has had key roles in 10 of Lee's films, including Skool Daze.

Frederick Douglas, the liberated slave, feminist, and revolutionary to lead in abolition, will be honored with Hip Hop and extracts from the writings he left behind coupled with jazz instrumentation. The story is dear to Smith, as he's written the story nearly 20 years ago, and continuously performed and edited it until present.

The two will work together again in Mexico for the Los Cabo Film Festival, as Smith will interview Lee for his honor due his latest hit film, Black KKKlansman.

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