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Season 2 Of 'Grown-ish' Inspired By 90's Sitcom 'A Different World'

The new opening theme for Grown-ish will have you feeling really nostalgic and a little old-ish if you grew up watching A Different World.

Grown-ish is the spin-off of ABC's Black-ish starring Yara Shahidi acting as college student, Zoey Johnson. The show airs on Freeform and follows the life of Dre Johnson's (Anthony Hamilton) and Rainbow Johnson's (Tracee Ellis Ross) oldest daughter Zoey as she undergoes the next phase in her life: being in college, being an "adult" and shit getting real.

Season 2 of Grown-ish will unfold the drama of sophomore year at CalU. Zoey and her friends start their second year of college feeling like they're a little better and wiser compared to freshman year. However they learn super quick that life don't play fair. Sophomore year shows them their not as grown as they think they are.

The show dropped a new promo video that gives a cute tribute to the one of a kind 90's classic A Different World.

When the promo starts it's absolutely on point. It's so good that you kinda wish that the Grown-ish theme song was swapped out for a cover of A Different World's. Nonetheless the Yonce approved R&B duo, Halle x Chloe deliver bomb vocals for the show's original theme song.

This has opened up a wide discussion between the older and new generation, as people wonder if Grown-ish holds up to the cultural relevance of A Different World. Throughout Twitter, people accuse Grown-ish of falling short of being able to adequately handle such topical issues such as racism, colorism, protesting, love, and more as impact fully as it's inspirational predecessor. What are your thoughts?

In the meantime, Season 2 will debut on Jan 2nd. The promo is available to watch below: