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'Remastered' Dissects The Murder Of Sam Cooke

The latest subject for Netflix’s original documentary series, ReMastered is Sam Cooke. Remastered investigates high-profile events affecting some of the most legendary names in music. The documentary presses past the reports released to the public. Remastered makes it a point to uncover new discoveries left out of the story.

Sam Cooke was the vocal cords of the human soul. He gave the planet much more than his talent. Cooke gave his spirit. It seems like the people with spirits that are too large for the world leave expeditiously. On December 11, 1964 Sam Cooke was shot and killed. His murderer was Bertha Franklin the manager of the Hacienda Motel, where Cooke was staying that night. Franklin told the police Cooke broke into her office and attacked her. Out of pure fear for her life she shot him in self-defense. The murder was ruled as justifiable self-defense.

Remastered takes the audience into the soul singer's past. Details about his childhood are focused on such as growing up as a PK (preacher's kid). His upbringing in Chicago and getting started in music as a gospel singer with the Soul Stirrers. The story progresses on to when he is older and crosses over into R&B, his mind for business and his murder.

The late singer's family believes that his death was not caused by self-defense. They feel there was intent to kill Cooke. He was a man who was friends with many known outspoken Black men that challenged the racial injustice of the times. Among some of his most known friends were Muhammad Ali and Malcolm X.

The family asserts that Sam Cooke's death was planned. There were individuals that wanted to dismantle the Civil Rights Movement and Cooke was a known activist. He also owned his own masters and had plans to own his own record label and publishing company. To his kinfolk It smells like a set up.

Remastered dropped on Netflix, Feb 8th. The trailer is available to watch below.