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Power Creator Courtney Kemp Hired by Starz Network for Content

Power creator, Courtney Kemp just signed a new deal with Starz to produce more content for the network. In a statement, according to the network, "Under the new long-term deal, Kemp will develop and produce a variety of new content across multiple platforms through her End of Episode banner, which encompasses several commitments from STARZ to develop series drawing upon Kemp’s unique sensibility, including potential projects inspired by the world of Power."

"Potential projects inspired by the world of Power," worry me. In full disclosure, I love Power. It's the only show I watch on tv every week -- I tried Empire, but when Andre's dead ex began haunting him, I was out! However, I feel a bit disconnected from Power as it continues. They've gone through so many storylines that to be honest this would be a perfect season to end it. Have Tommy go against Ghost. It's only fitting!

Now I get why Starz would want Power spinoffs; there are opportunities. We can see what Kanan's character was like before he got locked up, Ghost and Tommy as teenagers, even Tariq's rise in the drug game... It would feel like a money grab. I'm like a mama bear protective of its cub; I don't want any failure connected to this show.

While I love the show and most definitely be tuning every week for the inevitable spinoff, I have to keep high hopes that the future projects match the success of Kemp's main show.

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