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Omari Hardwick Begins New Hip-Hop / Poetry Podcast

Ghost in the streets: Omari Hardwick has a podcast!

His new podcast is coming on Luminary network and it is a really dope concept. The podcast is titled ‘Poetics’ and he will be unpacking some poetry by rappers like Wyclef Jean, Dr. Michael Eric Dyson, Casanova, Big Daddy Kane, Dave East.

In Omari Hardwick’s life outside of acting, he runs The Poetry Network, which is part of the Jason Taylor Foundation in South Florida. The Poetry Network is designed to give students a chance to express themselves through the power of spoken word poetry.

Omari Hardwick spoke to Billboard about ‘Poetics’ and said, "Poetry has a vulnerability that rap and MC'ing doesn't. You gotta be vulnerable. That kind of takes it to another level and gives a different look."

He aims to get his rapper guest to drop the macho-man style, and be transparent/vulnerable on his podcast. Check out the podcast HERE.

Article by Tenia Hardy.

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