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New Nickelodeon Airs Predominately All Black Cast

According to Shadow and Act Nick cooked up a show that looks like something we haven't seen from the channel in a while. It has been over a decade since Nickelodeon has put a high dose of melanin in their programming. But we're back again, it's our time!

Nick's new comedy Cousin's For Life which premiered on Nov 24th features a predominately Black cast. This hasn't been a thing for Nickelodeon since shows such as Just Jordan (07), Cousin Skeeter (98), and Kenan and Kel (94).

Cousin's For Life focuses on two 12 year old bestie cousins that end up having to share more than blood. Ivy and Stuart were raised completely different and have to face the challenge of learning how to live under the same roof with their families.

The cast is a relatively new collective. Ivy is played by Scarlett Spencer, Stuart is played by Dallas Young, Micah Abbey acts as Ivy's little brother Leaf, Ron G. as Leaf and Ivy's father Lewis and Ishmel Sahid as Lewis' brother and Stuart's father Clark.

The comedy is produced by the Kenan and Kel and All That producers Kevin Kopelow & Heath Seifert.

A clip is available to watch below: