Nathalie Emmanuel Replaces Jessica Williams As Lead For Hulu Series

Remember when it was reported that Jessica Williams was going to lead Hulu's Four Weddings and a Funeral? Well, due to unknown reasons, Nathalie Emmanuel will replace Willams in the lead role. According to Shadow & Act, not only will the lead actor change but due to the recast, the role will be redeveloped.

(Via Shadow & Act):

"In the remake inspired by the 1994 film of the same name, when Maya gets a wedding invitation from a college friend who is now in London, she and old friends drop everything to go to London. But, as the description states, "relationships are forged and broken, political scandals exposed, London social life lampooned, love affairs ignited and doused, and, of course, there are four weddings and a funeral."

The show is still scheduled to debut in 2019.