Michaela Coel Gives Us a Lesson on Making Mistakes

Thank (whomever entity you'd like to insert) we are not perfect. Take that pressure off.

Cruising around on Instagram (a habit I'm trying to not delve into in the mornings as part of my routine) I stumbled across a not-so-graceful post made by Chewing Gum creator and actress, Michaela Coel. Coel is no stranger to her own body; she constantly honors it, shows it, challenges it, and trusts it with her dances, yoga practices, and underwear posts.

As creatives (with phones to easily access everyone's highlights of life wins), we sometimes unrealistically aim for perfection. We aim for high notes. And when we fall, we go into anxiety-- blame, shame, hiding, excusing, deflecting and anything else we can dream of to not acknowledge the moment. But here's what we're missing....

we need the falls.

How would we become the person we need to be in order to go the places we dream? Who we currently are may not cut it, and that's ok! That's what falls are for: they are not failures, they are lessons.

Let me tell you something.

Oprah the reporter could NOT be Oprah of the OWN Network.

Beyoncé of Destiny's Child could NOT be OTR II, Beychella, sole proprietor of Ivy Park, thee-kids-having Beyoncé.

College student and recreational weed smoker Barack Obama could NOT be President Barack Obama (with still some occasional weed?)

All of the people we deem to be great have taken hard falls (one in particular down a flight of stairs that could not be scrubbed from the internet), but that's neither here, nor there.

Allow your falls to be lessons on how to differently maneuver a similar situation in the future. Allow the bruises of the hard falls to be reminders that you're still in the game. Allow your falls to be pre-wins that set you up for future W's. And most importantly, allow your falls to happen.

Look around. It's ok. You're still here, and you're gonna get back up again.