Michael B. Jordan Returns for Black Panther 2?

Apparently Killmonger didn’t get buried in the ocean with nan one of the ancestors.

Michael B. Jordan is attached to a lot of future projects in-front and behind the camera. His career is flying higher than ever. The biggest Marvel movie to date, Black Panther is coming back with a sequel. The surprise is that Jordan is going to be in it.

According to eurweb.com, Auntie-Angela-(60 where?)-Basset, confirms the entire cast will be showing up for the sequel. The exact words said were the following:

“Speaking to ​Entertainment Tonight​, ​Angela Bassett​ seemed to confirm that the entire cast would return for the sequel, saying, “I would assume so,” before her husband, actor ​Courtney​ ​B. Vance​, chimed in to add:

“Yes, just go ahead and say it, yes! Everyone will be there, including Michael B​.”

Jordan’s character Killmonger wasn’t shown officially dead. He had severe wounds from his fight with T’Challa. However we did not see him be finished off so that can be a plot twist to expect. No solid date has been set for the sequel. It is known that production has begun.

Article by Tenia Hardy