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Lena Waithe, Drops 'Rising': A Short Film For The "Love Has No Labels" Campaign

According to People.com on November 12th, writer & producer Lena Waithe premiered her short film, Rising, for the "Love Has No Labels" campaign, which is focused on cultivating more inclusive communities.

The 11 minute short film portrays people with diverse ethnicities and different lifestyles coming together in the immediate aftermath of a giant storm. The intent of the short is to challenge the audience to consider why it takes a something terrible such as disaster, to bring human beings together.

Waithe linked up with the director of Game of Thrones, David Nutter to make the film happen.

Lena gave insight on her feelings about working on Rising, she said,

“So excited to be involved. We need stories like this that bring people together, especially now.”

The 34 year old has been busy working on upcoming projects, she's going top speed in her lane.

The short film was produced by the Ad Council and R/GA and are also the forces behind the Love Has No Labels movement. Rising will be available by Showtime and On Demand.