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Jason Mitchell Stars in "Tyrel"

Jason Mitchell leading man in Lena Waithe's show Chicago, is starring in a movie that feels like it could be one the best films to end 2018. The character Tyler, (Jason Mitchell) accidentally puts himself in a weird situation. He ends up going to the Catskills for a weekend to celebrate his friend's birthday with a group of guys who are friend's with his friend. Hanging out with your friend's friend that you don't know is risky enough. But going away with your friend's friends, things can get awkward real quick.

Tyler immediately notices he's the "black friend" and is reminded non-stop by passive aggressive and stereotypical jokes about blackness made at his expense. A mix of heavy drinking and testosterone breaks through the wall of cordiality between Tyler and the group. Buttons began to get pressed and Tyler's patience is tested repeatedly.

The movie has a "Get Out" vibe. It walks the same road filled with microaggressions, racist undertones and transparency of raw race relations. The trailer makes Tyler definitely worth watching, it comes to theaters Dec 5th.