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Inclusivity Is Expensive

Why does inclusion cost so much? Black women part with peace of mind, patience, comfort and ect. to chase their dreams in film. Working on a film or TV show that does not have a predominately black cast, black lead or hardly any black supporting roles sounds like the crew is white as fuck. Off rip. There are Black women and men in the industry enduring dense culturally deficient cuacasiouness right now. The stories of the microagressions and the overt aggressions against Black women whilst at a place of "professionalism" is triggering.

I have read a piece called "What It's Like To Be A Black Woman In White Hollywood" by the In this article, Black women in different positions speak on their experiences working in film. The article speaks on Kasi Lemmons, who was the director of films such as “Eve’s Bayou” and “Black Nativity.” "Lemmons remembers the confusion she encountered after she wrote a script with white leads and only one black character. Lemons also made a statement in the article about white folks misrepresenting her. She said “I would go into meetings and people literally thought I was the assistant,” she laughed.

The writer of the Huffingtonpost article, Maxwell Strachen also put a spotlight on the experience Julie Dash had in Hollywood. Dash is a director, writer and producer. In the article she recounted a story about "studio executives that told her that a movie about a black woman in science and technology might 'confuse the audience'". Dash was also told by someone she was asked to work with on a “Scandal”-like show called “Enemy of the Sun” that the plot was “not plausible” since her co-worker had “never met black people like this.”

These stories are not anomalies. Sensitivity training or diversity awareness does not need to be spoon fed to yt people. The culture in some film spaces has to be challenged. Black women will continue entering the film scene. YT folks talking to us crazy won't stop our progression.

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