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"Hair Love" by Matthew Cherry Gets Adapted by Sony Pictures

Sony Pictures Animation supports Matthew A. Cherry’s short animation. Sony will push ‘Hair Love’ to a bigger platform where it can be digested by a larger audience. Matthew A. Cherry created and directed ‘Hair Love’ because he noticed he didn’t see Blackness represented in animation. Cherry also set out to “promote hair love for young men and women of color.

The film focuses on a Black father named Stephen who learns how to do his daughter’s hair. Cherry’s film began as a Kickstarter crowdfunding initiative which raised 284,058 dollars. The original goal was only 75k. According to the Sony Pictures Animation President, Kristine Belson gave a statement about ‘Hair Love.’ She says:

"In the past year, it has been very clear that audiences have been yearning to see fresh stories that are universal and culturally authentic," said Sony Pictures Animation President Kristine Belson, according to

"​Hair Love​ is a wonderful father-daughter story and we are proud to nurture talented young filmmakers like Matthew who are breaking new ground."

Cherry will executive produce with Sony Pictures Animation: Senior Vice President of Creative Development Karen Toliver. Others on the executive producing team is Stacey Newton, Monica A. Young, animator Frank Abney and ‘Into the Spider-Verse​​ director Peter Ramsey.

Sony’s success with the Black/Latinx animated character Miles Morales in ‘Spider Man: Into the Spider-Verse​​ is viewed as a reason why the company is opening up to producing content showcasing people of color.

It's more than time for new stories.

Article by Tenia Hardy.

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