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[Podcast] "Green Book" Review and White One-Sided Storytelling

With the award season starting to make it's way through our pop culture zeitgeist, one film is causing a bit of a commotion. GREEN BOOK a film that tells the story of a unlikely friendship between black classical pianist Dr. Don Shirley and his white, Italian -American chauffeur Tony Vallelonga has had people talking...and not in a good way.

The reviews have been mixed, with some saying that it is a heart-warming tale of a budding friendship that defies the racial tension of the time. Others - mostly black viewers - have criticized the film for not only brushing over of the importance of the green book ( a book that saved the lives of black travelers), but showcased a very sanitized and dubious account of experiences that happened between Tony and Don.

Don's family has since come forward against the film, claiming that the film is not only inaccurate, but completely disrespects the legacy of Shirley (check out the excellent article written by Brooke Obie that speaks to Shirley's family HERE)

Our own associate editor Erica Mann sat down with writer and commentator Rebecca Theodore on her podcast The Spectrum Lounge alongside film critic Candice Frederick and BET Entertainment Editor Jerry Barrow and discussed their thoughts on the film.

Listen to their review and share your thoughts with us!



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