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Get Ready For an Eartha Kitt Biopic

Actress Keesha Sharp, who portrays "Trish Murtaugh" on Fox’s Lethal Weapon and her husband Brad Sharp are producing a biopic about Eartha Kitt. The rights to the Eartha Kitt biography, America's Mistress written by John Williams has been secured by Mrs. Sharp, who will star as the late phenom. Deadline has reported this biopic is being developed into a feature film.

Kitt lived a vivacious life as an entertainment jack of all trades. She was a singer, one of her hits being the timeless Santa Baby, she danced, acted, was an activist, an author and she wrote songs. In pop culture she is well known for her role on Boomerang and her voice over work on the Disney animation The Emperor's New Groove. The sunset on her life in 2008.

Keisha Sharp spoke to Deadline about the biopic and delivered this statement: “Eartha Kitt was a force in the entertainment industry and an icon who opened doors for so many women, especially women of color during a time when it was not popular in America. Although I may have been compared to her in the past, I am passionate about bringing her story to life because everyone needs to know how incredible she was! People don’t mention her in the same conversation with the icons of Hollywood, but she belongs there. The biggest star at the time, Orson Welles, called her ‘the most exciting woman in the world’ for good reason. Her life was full of complexity, pain, and triumph, and I am thrilled to take on the challenge.”

There isn't a release date set for the film or a studio reported to be attached to this project yet.