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Film In The Works: Free Millionaire Black Women Fought Racial Oppression In 1800s

Marcus Gardley's play The House That Will Not Stand has won awards for its brilliance and now it has gained the right attention to get adapted into a film. The production company, MWM Studios is backing the development of the play to film, according to Deadline. The House That Will Not Stand is described to be a historical dramedy that was loosely inspired by The House of Bernarda Alba by Carcia Lorca and is set in Faubourg Treme in 1813.

Marcus Gardley, has experience writing for shows like the The Chi. Gardley's pen game is fire, he's been tapped to write the script for the play to film adaptation. The plot for the film is something unseen and new to add to the collection of stories that come out of Hollywood. The House That Will Not Stand follows "the main characters who are free Black Creole women who fought against racism and became millionaires through plaçage, or the practice of common-law marriages between white men and Black women, biracial women of color, or Native American women." 

The film has arrived at the perfect time. Black folks are sick and tired of being portrayed in heavy cloaks of victimhood, suffering and paired with white saviors that plague their existence because of racism. By 2018 we knooow the pain of being Black in a white society well. Many have pointed out that watching our people on screens can include stories that don't always circle around oppression. Unfortunately The House That Will Not Stand is a good minute away from being film ready but fortunately its in the works.

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