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Disney's Diversity Drops Down

When you think of Disney most think of fairytales, the classic shows and maybe the funny ass videos of people doing their own rendition of "You're watching Disney Chanel". When Black executives think of Disney channel they think of finding a way out. That is what happened last year. Disney has prided itself on diversity and inclusion. Now they are doubling down on that mantra since they lost 4 of their talented executives that happened to be Black.

Jamila Hunter

An article written on expounds on the situtation. Sharon Waxman and Trey Williams explains "The Walt Disney Company has seen the exits of four prominent African-American executives, signs of rising competition in Hollywood for diverse talent in an industry long criticized as too white."

Nne Ebong

The ex-Disney executives are Channing Dungey, Tendo Nagenda, Nne Ebong and Jamila Hunter. 3 Queens and a King y'all! They have leveraged being talented and Black which has landed each of them a big seat. Tendo Nagenda has gotten himself a head of production position with Netflix. While Jamila Hunter, joined Kenya Barris’ Khalabo Ink Society production company.

Channing Dungey

Tendo Nagenda

In response to their 4 top executives shift in careers Disney told TheWrap:

“We are proud of our efforts to recruit, develop and promote a diverse group of executives, and it’s no surprise that our executives are constantly sought after by other companies looking to lure them away,”

I think lured is one of those words thats best applied to children or clueless people in potentially threatening situations. Disney they were not lured away, your Black execs saw a better opportunity and made moves.

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