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Creating the Key

Updated: Oct 11, 2018

There's a black indie filmmaker with a unique vision living in Bed-stuy. I know what you're thinking, that can be anybody. True, but there's one filmmaker in particular who's unique creativity has opened the door for not just himself but potentially others.

Terence Nance was born and raised in Dallas,Texas. He was always intrigued in the arts due to his parents -- His mother an actress and his dad a jazz musician--. He attended Northeastern university then eventually New York University. While taking 6 years to finish the script for his debut feature, he'd work on various other projects such as short films, music videos, web series and artists documentaries. Anything to expand his creativity.

In 2012, his debut feature screened at Sundance. ”An Oversimplification Of Her Beauty”. A romantic drama about this guy's feelings after getting stood up. It brilliantly combined live action with animation, music and voice overs. It was different. It was experimental. It put Terrance on the map.

Terrance is a unique, fearless and fascinating artist. Many people appreciated his message but was intimated to support him. The few years after the release of “The Oversimplification Of Her Beauty” he struggled to find work and created music videos, visual art prestentions, short film until he found his next project.

Remember how I said Terrance creativity can opened the door for somebody else? Well, somebody's creativity opened the door for him. After the success of both “Insecure” and “Atlanta”. Both critically acclaimed shows by black artists. (Donald Glover and Issa Rae). Doors were opened up. No more was these executives just looking through the peephole. HBO (home of “Insecure”) was looking for a new show and an opportunity opened up for Terrance.

In 2018, “Random Acts Of Flyness” premiered on HBO. A late night sketch comedy show based on experiences black people go through created by Terrance. More the B.A.N espisode from “Atlanta” than “Saturday night live” . The show got rave reviews and more people became intrigued of Terrance.

In September he was officially named Director of the upcoming film Space Jam 2. Based on Terrance creative history this seems like an odd and interesting pairing. While the film has gotten its attention mostly due to its star (Lebron James) and producer (Ryan Coogler). I wanted to give a bit of shine to Terrance Nance. Who used his unique creativity to go from Bed-Stuy to HBO to directing a high profile movie.

There are plenty of indie black filmmakers with creative minds living in Bed-Stuy. Not many get an opportunity to show what they can do. With the success that Terence Nance has had and hopefully will continue to have, this can potentially open the door for others. The industry is a revolving door. Issa Rae and Donald opened the for Terrance and Terrance opened the door for ????? (Maybe you.)

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