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Copy of Jay Ellis Gets Big Screen Time

Jay Ellis, popularly known as "Lawerence" from HBO's Insecure, is featured in a new movie: Escape Room (Jan 2019).

Ellis portrays an Executive who receives a strange package along with 5 other strangers. The mysterious mail motivates the strangers to participate in a challenge to win 1 million dollars, by being the first person to solve the puzzle that will release them from an escape room. What everyone once thought was a game unexpectedly turns into a chaotic life threatening experience.

There are similarities between the movies plot and Saw. The room changes into different situations that forces the group to be quick on their toes to get out of the escape room with their lives, one by one they are picked off.

The movie is directed by Adam Robitel and features Taylor Russell, Tyler Labine, Deborah Ann Woll and many others.

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