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Coogler Makes Movies Back to Back

Ryan Coogler the director of the global hit film Black Panther has signed on to be the writer and director of Black Panther 2. A date hasn't been set for when the film will hit theaters. There is talk that production will begin anytime between 2019 and early 2020. The Oakland native has already been behind projects Fruitvale Station, Creed, Creed 2 and the upcoming Space Jam 2 movie with LeBron James playing the lead.

His track record of films is impressive, consistent and blackity black. The Black Panther film alone has grossed 1.3 billion across the globe and 700 million in the states. Those numbers make Coogler the obvious choice to direct the sequel. Coogler is steadily making his mark and building a nice reputation for himself as a director that delivers quality films.

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