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Controversy Surrounds New Role For The Rock

Here's a list of Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson's upcoming projects:

- Jungle Cruise.

- Hobbs and Shaw

- Red Notice

- Jumanji 2

- Ballers (TV Series)

- The King

- Black Adam

- Fast 9

- Big trouble in little China

He's got a lot on his plate. The average person looks at this list and has a mini anxiety attack, but he's just peaking.

Johnson just added another project to the list: John Henry & The Testament (Netflix 2020). He's set to portray legendary Black folk hero John Henry who leads most popular folklore figures and legends from around the world. The controversy surrounding this film questions if Dwayne Johnson is black enough to play this role?

John Henry has traditionally been dark-skinned, as portrayed by Danny Glover (1985-1987) and Roger Aaron Brown (1995). I saw a painted picture of John Henry, and to be honest, I pictured The Rock. I thought it was perfect casting. But with further thought, I decided there could be a better choice. The first two names that personally came to mind were Terry Crews and Michael Jai White.

It does come to mention, that Dwayne Johnson is Black by a small percentage. He's Roger Aaron Brown's muse and has expressed a passion for this project. To be frank, I don't know how to feel. On the one hand, we have a new Rock movie coming on on Netflix, on the other, we've got a new form of casting controversy!

This whole thing is going to give me another anxiety attack just thinking about it.

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