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Childish Gambino's Sneak Peek Into His Lion King Role

Instagram lit up last night when Seth Rogen posted up a shot of him and the boys during a studio session while recording their voices for their characters in 2019's remake of the classic film The Lion King.

The photo features Seth Rogen, Donald Glover Billy Eichner and Director Jon Favreau. Of course, ladies like me are wondering where the Queen is, but if Beyonce has taught us anything, it's to wait for her timely blessings of her presence.

2019 will be a huge year for the film, and for fans of this A-list cast. It will also serve to bridge the gap of those who enjoyed the original animation in the 90s, and the new kids who need to experience the magic for their lifetime. Missed the entire cast listing? No worries, we got you.

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