Casting Call!

Calling All Talent! Here's an opportunity to take advantage of!

Description:   Toni is an ambitious young woman who has just started working at a new job. They are a non-profit for the arts so this fuels her eagerness and willingness to work. However, she is met with disgruntled, unpleasant co-workers who often test her patience. On a mission to acceptance, she decides to do whatever it takes to get on their good side.

Need: A very ambitious and very stylish young Black woman for the lead. A diverse group of 4-8, 20-30 something year olds to be the shady co-workers. This is a silent film so I need emotive actors who can serve face! 

Tentative Shoot Date:  November 3rd & 4th

Tentative Table Read: November 1st

Location: TBD

Finalized details to be announced by October 15th.