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Buying Black

If ya' black and creative put your hand out. Now tell somebody cut the check!

"Can't get no more free, Randy".

Black is bankable. Netflix had a bliggity-black year of content in 2018. In a piece written by Kori Hale for Forbes.com, Hale states,

"Cowen Insights report that in their survey they highlight the importance of Netflix in the home, particularly among Millennials. Cowen found 39% of survey respondents age 18-34 use Netflix most often to view video content on their TV’s. This number far outpaces YouTube at 17%. Basic cable came in at 13% and Amazon Prime Video received a little over 3% of the action. The viewership they gained was larger than Google owned Youtube".

According to Hale, CEO of CultureBanx, "CultureBanx found that streaming services which have a much broader reach than traditional TV have a lot to gain by betting on black content. Cowen analysts wrote the company’s [Netflix] investment in high quality episodic content across all genres and feature films likely ensures the top spot in the living room over time, in their view. Netflix already has 125 million members globally and plans to invest nearly $8 billion in original content this year. Shares for the company are up more than 105% year to date."

Top Black Creators have been sought out by companies like Netflix and Amazon to pump out more Black shows that can gain them the lead spot in front of their competitors. People like Jordan Peale signed a deal that gives Amazon a first look at his Monkeypaw Production company ideas for television series, Shonda Rhimes has a multi-year content deal with Netflix for $100 million and Black-ish creator Kenya Barris signed a 100 million deal with Netflix. I must also highlight that Ava Duvernay signed a multi year deal with Warner Bros. and Issa Rae received a huge deal via her production company ColorCreative, which she has signed a multi-picture production deal with Columbia Pictures. ColorCreative will work primarily with and support projects from emerging, diverse screenwriters.

The top Black creator's are running a lot of yards. For all my Black creator's warming the bench or getting ready to get in the game let's make sure we know know our value. Play full out but don't play without proper pay however you view payment whether that be opportunity or paper.