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Billy Porter Shines in Out 100 Magazine

“I was so busy trying to fit in, and then it was like, You don’t fit in, and you ain’t supposed to fit in.”

Billy Porter, who introduced himself to us as "Pray Tell" in FX's Pose, shines brightly in his spread for OUT 100. He shares his definition of "resilience" as she shares the struggles of trying hit the high note of his acting career for over 30 years. He says,

“I was pigeonholed into the only thing that the industry could handle at the time: the magical fairy faggot. Don’t get me wrong: What I was given was an opportunity to stop the show, but when it came to my humanity, nobody wanted to discuss that.”

His character has been pivotal in showcasing the lives of gay and trans experiences, as he's alongside many other trans & gay talent on the show. Though their world enters through the fun and glitz of the ballroom scene, they take risks in attending to the realities of their lives: through pain, struggle, and loss.

Make sure to read his full story at OUT 100!

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