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"Before I Let Go" | Where's The Black Love on TV?

"You made me happy *step to the right* This you can bet *step to left* You stood beside me *take it back* And I won't forget *dip and come back*

Black love sounds like "Before I Let Go" Black love looks like a tipsy group of Black people doing the electric slide. Black love feels like it's missing from tv and film and I need answers.

All over the 'gram young Black couples are getting married! However tv and film isn't reflecting the Black community's interest in marriage. We have not seen a big Black wedding since Martin & Gina, The Best Man, Ding-Dong Derwin Davis & Med School let me know if I'm missing some...BUT yeah, where are the wedding gowns, fresh haircuts, tuxes, and the Black bride and groom.

It's been a reality tv ploy lately to use Black marriage as a theme for entertainment. I can't sit here and say that messy relationships aren't attention grabbing, I know I wanted to see a Love & Hip Hop episode of Jim Jones & Chrissy getting married. Very sad it didn't happen. BUT I am happy about the Mackies, Pap & Remy! However they're really the only Black healthy hubby & wifey goals on tv. Beth & Randall from This Is Us matter I didn't forget them. I must say they reset the bar of a good Black tv marriage since we lost the Huxtables they feel like a new blueprint but they might be broken up soo. In 2019 it's bothersome to see Black "marriage" reduced to being a spectacle for ratings on Marriage Bootcamp, it doesn't make sense. Let's acknowledge that the toxicity attached to Black men and women as a unit isn't funny it's tired. We had so many great examples of strong Black relationships that led to marriage and sustained their individuality once they became man and wife. So since we can't have Overton & Synclaire Jones or Dwayne Wayne & Whitley Gilbert-Wayne on tv I want to make up some characters I would like to see get to the alter.

Hubby: Kofi Siriboe

Wifey: Ashley Blaine Featherson

So think about this, visualize it. Look I don't want no one with Kofi but me but for the sake of art, can you imagine on Netflix or tv maybe even a movie, a married couple, Kofi and Ashley all chocolatey and smooth skinned doing face masks together, laughing, taking care of each other mentally, spiritually and sexually. Building generational wealth, trying to start their family and preparing their life for parenthood. PHEW!!! Thinking about all that stability is shaking up my spirit.

Hubby: Diggy Simmons

Wifey: Zendaya

YOU FEEL THIS? I think this couple would be some damn clowns. They meal prep. They look like one those fit couples that do that sit-up *kiss* sit-up *kiss* shit. Netflix show for sure, let's see, maybe a young couple post-college trying to make it in Atlanta's bubbling film scene. Zendaya is being pursued by a charismatic trans man that test the solidity of Zendaya and Diggy's marriage.

Hubby: DC Young Fly

Wifey: Khadi Don

I just want a millennial Martin & Gina!!!!

Hubby: Quincy Brown

Hubby: Algee Smith

I can't overlook that same sex Black marriage is a union that hasn't received enough stories and representation in tv or film. We get to see the relationship between two Black men from time to time and often the relationship is presented with a lot of conflict but it would be interesting to see Black men love each other openly as well as vulnerably and deal with inner adversaries that are not juxtaposed to the external hardships that are primarily highlighted when dealing with homosexual Black relationships. I'd watch Qunicy Brown & Algee Smith love up on each other in an artsy ass condo in San Fran.

Hubby: Anthony Mackie

Wifey: Cynthia Erivo

A couple has to try and find each other in the spirit world after they both pass in a car accident. They don't have the same appearance they had on Earth, they have to find each other using the familiarity of each other's energy. I think Anthony Mackie & Cynthia Erivo would make people cry Viola Davis tears starring in a romantic drama.

As we gain more Black faces on our screens its important that we see strong women in lead roles in all shades of Black and vulnerable men being able to challenge the standard of masculinity that is presented as acceptable in society, I love it. Although I want more I also want to see the love between two Black people. We have been seeing a lot of powerful Black women being in interracial relationships which is positive but we should be able to simultaneously have interracial love and Black love.

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