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Becoming An Actor: Talent Agents vs. Social Media Exposure

Disclaimer: I'm not an actress, so I may have my facts wrong-- please correct me. Right now because of social media actors are getting job opportunities due to the following they generate. Popular social media comedians like Lala Milan and Jess Hilarious have gotten TV roles. It seems like social media accounts are scoochin in the spot that the talent agent once stood. Your Instagram is the talent agent in a sense, you brand yourself, get eyes on you and the right eyes get you to the role.

Today I read that, these young actresses that are working with Disney now, were asked how many followers they have before they began their audition. The girl had a couple million so they let her finish. But it made me think if she didn't have so many would her talent be worth their time?

Better question, do you need a talent agent anymore?

'Arvold Casting' made a video that addresses whether an actor needs an agent to get jobs in TV, films and commercials. Apparently from Maryland down to New Orleans if you want consideration for A LOT of the "professional" shows than you should get some representation. BUT you don't need an agent! You can always self submit, you can always be your best self on the gram and get your views up. There are some people in the industry that are settled into the traditional way of sifting through talent. Some casting directors are more comfortable having an actor submitted to them by an agent they trust. It's also supposedly easier for the casting director.

New York, LA, Chicago ain't letting you walk through the door yourself. An agent is necessary because it is a big market. However I don't subscribe to that. I think it makes your life simpler when you are trying to get work. Again I am not an actor so I could be chatting. We all have seen the influence social media has on people's careers and the power it wields. I think if you are gifted and have enough exposure then someone will see you and request you to be apart of their project.

Watch the video from Arvold Casting if you'd like the answers from the interview.

Just in case you side with needing an agent here is some info I dug up. According to the best seasons to procure an agent is during the summer, Thanksgiving time and around New Year's. Talent agents sort of do an audit on their talent roster and dissect it to see what they are missing in their talent pool. This time period is considered, a less crazy time of year for production so the agents have time to invest in new blood.

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