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Ava Duvernay Tackles Doc About The 1st Indigenous Woman To Make A Film...By Herself

Remember when Whitney Houston came through for Brandy in Cinderella and gave her some style and grace to go to the ball? I feel like Ava is ya fairy godmother sprinkling her magic to get her filmmaking Cinderelly's ready to pull up to the film industry. Much respect to this woman because Ava Duvernay always steps forward for women in film no matter what she looks like.

Her company ARRAY Releasing just scooped a documentary that has all eyes on her, that's nothing new though. The documentary "Merata: How Mum Decolonised the Screen” is directed by film archivist Heperi 'Hepi' Mita. He made "Merata" as a personal tribute to his mother, Merata Mita, a pioneering indigenous filmmaker and activist. Merata Mita was the first woman from an Indigenous Nation to independently direct a movie anywhere in the world periodt!

The doc has been screened at the Sundance Film Festival and the Berlinale Film Festival. Duvernay has obtained the distribution rights for the territories: Canada, United Kingdom and the United States. There are whispers of a theatrical release for "Merata" but nothing has been confirmed as of late.

Representation in film is scare for women of color and it's even more despairing for Indigenous women to see themselves on screens. Merata Mita gave her community a stronger voice and has inspired a new wave of Indigenous women to get the baton further.

A clip of "Merata" is available to watch below.