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"The Boondocks" May Be Remade Into A Video Game

Aaron McGruder, creator of The Boondocks which started as a comic strip and converted into a show on Adult Swim, made remarks that the show may have new life as a video game. He assures the fans that knew the show for its unfiltered political satire and witty societal cracks that if the game comes into fruition it will not be identical to show. However, he does state that video game territory will allow The Boondocks to have a new spirit that can deliver jokes and observations in a reimagined way.

He posts about this topic some months ago on his Facebook; McGruder addresses his intent and pursuit of getting the game done in his posts, stating,

"A few months ago I started playing with the idea of video games - something I always wanted to do but never made the time for. It’s a medium that feels right for our violently turbulent times, and right for The Boondocks. I have no idea what the App Store will let us get away with. It’s uncharted territory, and good to do something completely new with the characters. It won’t be for every fan of the show or the comic strip, but it’s equally as sincere, and still a bizarre political satire that is largely about race and inappropriate for children.

"This is not an announcement of the show returning or anything nearly that exciting. It’s a bit of a labor of love over here with a small team including tech wizard/advisor John Imah and the legendary DJ Pooh on the help out. There will be more info coming soon so watch this space. Different canvas. Different generation. We’ll see where it goes."

There is no release date for the upcoming game.

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