8min | English | Dramedy

Classic Reinvention 

A lonely man in Philly tries to find companionship via customer service hotlines.




"Perspective is everything to me. Mine is a little awkward and it affects everything I do from the way I think to the content I produce, I make sure to add a spark that appeals to the Beautiful Weirdos and unicorns among us. Though many people use content to just send a message, I see it as a place to engage and build community, while capturing and retaining attention - that’s what my content does. Whether it is the original pieces I create, the experiences I put together, the partnerships I’ve had or the marketing collateral that I build for others, the goal is not only to be seen as a little different but to make the audience pull up a chair and stay a while... maybe even have some tea. 


As a self-taught content and experience producer, I don’t always adhere to industry norms but tend to explore for inspiration everywhere and bring it back to my productions in order to amplify the messaging in a way that gets stuck in your head. From product integration where you can see the real-world application through media to an awkward social media post that you can’t seem to take your eyes off of, I'm passionate about stretching the imagination and creating amazing content that both informs and entertains."