Aurore TV Presents...

Series | Comedy | 2017 

Bwitches is an intersectional feminist comedy series about two friends who happen to be witches. Starring and co-created by Johanna Middleton and Martine Moore, this web series is a magical brew of comedy, camp, and commentary. 



JOHANNA MIDDLETON is an L.A. based artist and arts educator with a passion for storytelling and creating spaces for others to share their own stories. She developed Girlie Stories, which provides women and girls a platform to empower themselves through personal storytelling. She is currently in post-production for her new short film Joey.



MARTINE MOORE is an actress and writer living in Los Angeles.  She has appeared on HBO Go and numerous fringe theater productions and indie films.  She most recently created the Web series Waze which premiered at the Raindance Film Festival in London.  When not acting she is either sketching famous directors in charcoal or writing taut little short stories about unhappy men and women.