11min   |   English   |  Short

J.D. Allen

Afro Black is the coolest, dopest, toughest, roughest cat around and when it comes to dealers, slanders and bangers trying to mess up his community, he goes HAM on their jive turkey asses. 


#AuroreTVShorts | "Afro Black" by J.D. Allen
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A native from Inglewood, California, Allen found a love for telling stories with his drawings and playing football. When he was 16 he started editing his teammates highlight tapes by connecting two VCR's and a PlayStation to input music. After High school he received a scholarship to attend school and play football for BYU. In 2004 he left BYU after his Jr. year and signed with the Cincinnati Bengals where they gave him the name Inglewood since he always walked around with a chip on his shoulder. After his football career was short lived, he decided to get back to doing what he love and started building up his film production company which is InglewoodFilms.